• 2-year limited warranty or 3000 hours, whichever occurs first, on new equipment
  • Consumable parts with normal wear (teeth, adapters, skid blocks, etc.) are not guaranteed.
  • The warranty starts the moment the end consumer purchases the attachment or a maximum of 120 days following the date of sale to the retailer or distributor. The situation that occurs first determines when the warranty begins.
  • This limited warranty is void if the attachment has been misused, has lacked maintenance, or has been altered or modified by the user or the retailer without the authorization of GRYB.
  • This warranty covers parts, labour, as well as the shipment of parts (standard) and/or the transport of the technician within the first 30 days following the sale of the equipment to the end consumer. The costs of overtime, rush shipments, and work performed outside of normal working hours are the responsibility of the customer. If the warranty is made by the retailer, a pre-established number of hours as well as transportation fees are covered, according to the pricing allocated. All is subject to prior approval by the Service Department and receipt of the serial number.
  • In the event of work performed under warranty outside normal working hours, an additional charge may apply.
  • In the event of transportation covered by the warranty outside of normal working hours, an additional charge may apply.
  • This warranty covers parts and labour in the first year. After the first 30 days following the sale of the equipment, transportation fees are the customer’s responsibility.
  • Equipment must be brought to the factory or to an authorized dealership (if GRYB authorizes the dealer to perform the needed repair). The current hourly rate will be used and a number of hours will be allocated to perform the repair. No surcharges or additional expenses will be reimbursed
  • The parts shipment, technicians, retailers, and equipment are not included after the first 30 days following the sale date. The customer is responsible for bringing the equipment or defective part to GRYB or to the retailer to avoid transportation expenses.
  • This warranty covers only parts* in the second year (no labour or transportation)
  • Cylinders, hoses, electric enclosures, hydraulic adapters, controllers, connectors, and generators are guaranteed for a maximum of one year by the manufacturer
  • MACHINE MODIFICATIONS division products are guaranteed for a maximum of one year by the manufacturer. (for example: Long reach arm, material handler, etc.)
  • Snowplows equipped with pivoting panels are guaranteed for a maximum of one year by the manufacturer.
  • The GRYB warranty does not cover production losses or operating losses during the period of time required to repair or replace the defective equipment or part. Moreover, after the company resumes operation, the GRYB warranty does not cover the period during which the company’s results were affected by the breakage
  • Work or replacement performed under warranty does not extend the originalwarranty
  • Repair or alteration work is covered for a maximum of 6 months following a claim.
  • In the event of equipment failure during the warranty period, the customer or distributor (retailer) must immediately report the breakage in order to obtain an authorization number to have the equipment repaired.
  • Once the repair is authorized, the customer has 30 days to make a claim with the Service Department.
  • The customer is not authorized to work on the attachment and/or request a repair without authorization from GRYB, otherwise the claim will be refused, and the warranty will become void
  • To receive a credit for defective parts, the customer must return the parts under warranty (if there is no sign of misuse).
  • A return number will be provided by the Service Department and the customer must include it with the return. Transportation is included within the first 30 days of the sale for defective parts. The Service Department may sometimes authorize a reimbursement without obtaining the parts but will ask for photos and supporting documents (in the event of the return shipping cost being too high).
  • The serial number as well as pictures of the breakage are mandatory to obtain a service number.
  • The reparation on used equipment are covered for a maximum of 6 month.

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